Solah Shringaar Hairstyles


This edition elaborates on the importance of Hairstyles as adornments and sringaar for the Indian women. 

Keshpashrachana, (Kesh-pash-rachana) – Hair-flock-Arrangement

Our hairour crowning glory do not just make us look good; there’s lots more to our hair. It is believed that a woman who has thick hair will have many children, farms and riches therefore in earlier times women were proud of their very long braids some even extending well below their hips.

According to the yogic tradition, hair helps to raise our kundalini energy, the force that increases tranquility and intuition. The hair function as an antenna, attracting solar energy to the frontal lobe; the part of the brain responsible for visualization and meditation. The rishis known for their wisdom, used to tie their hair in a coil on top of their head during the day to enhance the pranic energy from the sun to energize the brain cells and used to comb down in the evening to capture the lunar energy and also to balance out the energies of the chakras.

Cutting hair for both men and women was not prevalent until a few decades ago, because it is believed when the hair on our head has grown to its full mature length; calcium, phosphorous and vitamin D are produced. These enter the lymphatic fluid and gradually into the spinal fluid through the two ducts on the top area of the brain.

These ionic changes create more efficient memory and result in better physical energy, stamina and patience. When hair is cut, you not only lose the nourishment and energy consisted in it, but also your body again has to provide lots of life energy and nutrients to regrow the missed hair. In fact, cutting the hair was a symbol of slavery as it decreased the power of slaves and kept them under control.

It is interesting to know how and why the bangs came into being!

When Genghis Khan conquered China, he realized that the Chinese were intelligent and wise, who would not allow themselves to be suppressed. He, therefore, forced the women to cut their hair with bangs to cover their forehead. He wanted to exercise his control over the enslaved Chinese by making them intellectually weaker. It is believed that the sunlight reaches the pineal gland, a gland responsible for achieving higher spiritual perception and intellect.Covering the forehead with bangs blocks this process.

There is so much wisdom hidden in our hair!

The braiding of the hair, which is the most common hair style to be sported also has a significance. It is said that the three parts of the hair in a braid symbolize Triveni of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati and of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. When a married woman braids her hair, she unifies the three families together- her parents, in laws and her own. Women are not advised to leave their hair open in front of men as it may enchant the other men.

Our hair does deserve special jewellery to create a Regal Splendour. Some of the traditional ornaments to choose from are the Venis and Juda Buttons. We can choose from these or the modern designs to look resplendent on special occasions.


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