7 Heartfelt Gifts for Her Lifetime


It’s your marriage anniversary, your mother’s 60th birthday or Sister’s Day, rather than going down the same route and taking the most important women in your life out for an expensive dinner or shopping, they will surely appreciate a gift from the heart so much more!
If you put your mind to it, you can think of a memorable gift that will tug at their heartstrings and make them feel special for weeks and more. Here are some ideas you can customize or work around to gift the ladies in your life a one-of-a-kind present and earn you some major brownie points!

A fitness instructor – If the woman in your life is a fitness freak, hire a great fitness instructor, be it a Yoga, Zumba or Kalariyapattu teacher. Not only she will become fitter and look better, but she will also surely appreciate that you care enough about her health.

Air miles One of the perks of air travel is the miles you can redeem in exchange for free flights. People endure long flights, boring layovers, bland food and more to tally up their points. Not to mention the disturbed sleep pattern and intense travel that keeps you away from family. Gifting air miles is the ultimate sacrifice for travel lovers that will surely not go unnoticed. Redeem them as a gift and watch her excitement as she plans a much needed getaway!

A care package with little treats and inside jokes you share together What looks like ‘only’ one gift will surely surprise her when she opens it to find tiny treats. If she’s always losing hair ties or pens, throw in a packet of those. Her favourite cookies, a personalized phone cover, a nail polish or something she said she once liked but has likely forgotten about, etc. These little goodies would be special to her alone. 

Instagram coasters – Keep your favourite moments on the table and by her side. Choose some memorable photographs of the two of you; for example from your growing up years with your sister or from your courtship period with your partner and get them printed on ceramic coasters. She will love re-living the moments every time a guest comes to visit and asks about them.

Jewellery club membership – You can buy her a big rock or an exquisite diamond jewellery, but what will impress her more is the opportunity to wear different, but most authentic and designer jewellery on all occasions. Gift her a membership of Eves24.com exclusive jewellery club where she will have an easy access to a large collection of internationally certified, rarely worn, high end ornaments on a pay-per-use basis. See her eyes sparkle as brightly as the beautiful gems that adorn her everytime you step out.

An autographed book by her favourite author Wow her with a book signed by her favourite author. If it’s a hard-to-get limited edition, all the better. It’s sure to hold a special place in her home library and is a thoughtful gesture.

A portrait by a painter Get a photo of your loved one converted into a beautiful painting. Or better still, convince her to sit for her portrait. Find a painter who can bring her inner and outer beauty to the fire and immortalize her on the canvas. An exquisite gift like this one will take centre stage in your home and speak of your thoughtfulness for years to come.

From a woman’s perspective, extravagant gifts are amazing, but they can tell when they have been hastily purchased. She values the gifts that show you have put in effort, and although they might not always cost much, they make her feel special – and that’s definitely worth its weight in gold. 

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