5 offbeat ways to pamper your mom


The Mother’s Day is long gone...and with it the usual stuff - cards, brunches and spa coupons. However, the love for your mother, the first person who held you and loved you can’t be expressed in one day alone. So let your love for the first lady of your life spill over with these offbeat ideas.

·         Dole out a dose of care: ‘Mother’ is synonymous with love and care - why not treat her to a lovely dose of care and pampering. Choose from carefully crafted and handpicked aromas to soothe her senses. Curate your very own personalized “care or recovery basket” with foot soaks and massager, rejuvenating creams, and herbal infusions or green teas. Make your mom feel on top of the world!

·         Gift her explorative experiences: Remember that popular destination she always wanted to go to? Or the adventure activity she constantly dared herself to try out but never quite got to doing it? Now is your perfect chance to dig into those whims and fancies and weave the best memories for your mother. Take her out for a road trip or a once in a lifetime cruise. After all, experiences stay etched in the mind forever, since experiences are nothing, but beautiful memories. Get up and go spend some quality time as you explore, together!

·         Gift her memories: Who does not like going down the memory lane? Especially if you find her talking a lot about the good ole’ days, gift her the chance to relive the magic of the past. Get together her gal-friends from school or college for an impromptu day out or a short trip! Or put together a collage of key milestones in her life. You can design it in a fun manner as a scrapbook or make it for forever by coming up with a fridge magnet or a poster!

·         Gift her pride: A woman is never old to love jewellery and enjoy wearing it. Whenever she is wearing a new piece of jewellery, her face has an extra bit of happiness, her eyes sparkle a little more and her gait has more confidence. That’s what jewellery does to women. How about gifting your mother, the one who made you stand tall in the world, her confidence and pride? Gift her a membership of Eves24.com exclusive jewellery club where she will have an easy access to a large collection of internationally certified, rarely worn, high end ornaments on a pay-per-use basis. Also, she will be able to build a personal collection of regular wear jewellery on 0% EMI. See that proud smile adorning her beautiful face and wrinkles disappearing fast. Witness the spring in her step as she wears a new jewellery on every occasion.

·         A dash of DIY: Chances are high that something crafted or drafted from your very own hands that once gripped her thumb shall forge a loving bond. Maybe it is something she has been yearning for since sometime. Be it some object or a desire to stay more updated and connected. Crank up your problem solving skill to create comfort for her. Something as simple as a comfortable sweater knitted by you or a fix-up of the kitchen cabinet. Or maybe a maid hired so that she can take it easy and spend some ‘alone-time’! A small but significant gesture - the gift of quiet time! Take it in your hands to know what can be done right. Give her comfort and companionship and she would love it, no doubt!

Acknowledge and appreciate your mother for all the unconditional love and support she has bestowed on you. Think out of the box and create a truly memorable time for her. This special bond deserves it all!

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