Celebrity Inspirations: Jewellery Trends of 2017


Gear yourself with the latest trends as it is the appropriate time to update your jewellery wardrobe for upcoming festivals and glam up with diamonds this year!

Most Popular Trends of 2017

Statement Earrings

You are a strong, beautiful and accomplished woman – and hence your jewellery should reflect the same statement! 2017 is the year of being unafraid to express your passion, your emotions and your love through jewellery that radiates your dynamic personality. So embrace those long danglers, or flashy designs because it is truly your time to shine!

Get inspired by…

Sonam Kapoor’s bold take on traditional styles

Image Source: Pinterest

Statement Necklaces

Just like their counterpart Statement Earrings, Statement Necklaces are meant to be different, bold, fiery and passionate. Experiment with those flashy, shiny, attention-grabbing pieces that are guaranteed to uplift your evening wear, little black dress, or traditional wear to the next level! 

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Deepika Padukone’s effortless style at the Delhi Couture Ramp

Source: Pinterest

Similar styles by Eves24

Stacked Jewellery

A jewellery trend that anyone can get behind. Layer multiple necklaces over your clothes to create this stylish look. No longer will you worry about whether you are wearing too many bracelets – because stacked jewellery is definitely in style in 2017! What’s more, many jewellery brands are designing purposefully stacked pieces that you simply won’t be able to resist.

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Anne Hathway Stackable Bracelets

Image Source: Pinterest
Stackable bracelets by Eves24

Coloured Gems 

While the classic white diamond solitaire never really goes out of style, over time we have seen many celebrities, socialites and influencers embrace coloured gems for a more dynamic jewellery look. So revamp your jewel wardrobe with some rings, necklaces and pendants made with colourful stones in 2017.

Get inspired by…

The Duchess of Cambridge emerald and diamond earrings

Image Source: Google
Similar Style by Eves24

Coloured Engagement Rings 

A white diamond solitaire is what all women desires for, but We Love the idea of a non-traditional colored engagement ring. Not only do these make a strong personal style statement, certain colors and stones carry significance that make a proposal that much more meaningful.

Get Inspired by…

Kate Middleton with a 12-carat royal blue sapphire and 12 diamond accent engagement ring

Image Source: Google
Similar styles by Eves24

Customise your Jewellery with Eves24

Have any of these jewellery trends inspired you to own a specific kind of necklace or ring? Then contact our team at Eves24, and we can custom create jewellery for you!

You can get your favourite pieces made for you using a different colour, clarity or carat of diamond in a way that suits your budget perfectly. What’s more – at Eves24 we can also create a bespoke necklace, ring, earrings or full set – based on drawings, sketches or designs made by you. Thus you can own a completely unique piece that’s like nothing else that exists in the market!

Still confused? Here are the benefits of buying jewellery or getting custom-made jewellery from Eves24:
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So, which one of these trends appeal to you the most? We invite you to visit our stores both online and offline and have fun experimenting with all of these looks. As we always say; a woman can never have too much jewellery!

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