7 Ways To Look Fresh And Elegant On Your Wedding Day


Your Wedding Day is the most special day of your life. You are about to begin a new exciting journey. However, the extended rituals, rich food and wedding preparations can prove to be tiring, and believe it or not, the exhaustion can show on your face. And of course, you wouldn’t want that. After all, you want to look your best on your Wedding Day.

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Here are 7 tips to help you look fresh and elegant on your Wedding Day:

1. Be prepared: Do not leave shopping and packing until the last moment. Better to keep things ready well in advance to avoid last minute running around and exhaustion. Also, choose the outfits and matching accessories for all the rituals and programmes and keep them separate. It will save you time and energy at the time of the occasion.

2. Rest well: We know late night family gossips and the excitement would hardly let you sleep. However, lack of sleep can adversely affect the glow on your face. So, whenever you get a window of free time, hit the bed. Let your mother or someone close know to not to disturb you. And yes, keep your phone switched off to avoid distraction.

3. Relax with spa: Get all your beauty procedures done well in advance. However, opt for a relaxing spa session or a pedicure on the wedding day. It will make your exhaustion melt away, and will have you rejuvenated in no time.

4. Be comfortable with your attire: Weddings are all about brocade and swaroski outfits. They can be heavy and burdensome. If your ‘lehenga’ is heavy, opt for a lighter ‘choli’. If you are wearing a ‘pallu’ on your head, go for a lightweight fabric to cover your head. We will not advise you to wear heels on your wedding day, as you will be on your toes for quite a substantial time. However, if you still insist on wearing them, remove them when you get a chance to sit and flex your toes.

5. Flaunt jewellery with care : Wearing heavy kundan and diamond jewellery is the norm for the bride. Well, you need all of these to sparkle in your wedding. However, do not barter comfort for glamour.

If you are wearing a heavy necklace like this one (or a choker necklace), go easy on the length of your earrings. 

If you are wearing a bajuband, you can reduce the amount of bangles or wear a single bangle. This gold and diamond bangle will look gorgeous on any attire.   

For special occasions like Sangeet and Mehendi, you can either wear danglers in your ears and no necklace, or a traditional kundan or temple-inspired necklace with small earrings.

This diamond earring with a pink onyx stone looks fun. Wear it and be prepared for loads of compliments coming your way.

For routine rituals, wear light jewellery like stud or cuff earrings and a chain with a pendant. It will take some strain off your ears and neck, and keep them firm for the actual wedding day ceremony.

Cuff earrings like these look very elegant, especially when paired with a simple pendant and chain.

6. Maintain a correct posture: You might find it surprising, but a bad posture can ruin your look. Try not to stoop, though it might be difficult to avoid with the heavy outfit and jewellery you will be wearing. If your back is hurting during the reception, visit the restroom and arch your back. It will help you to stand with poise and elegance for the rest of the evening.

7. Keep a positive attitude: Having jitters and anxiety on your big day are quite natural. Indulge in a bit of Yoga or meditation in the morning. It will help you keep a positive frame of mind and it will reflect on your appearance as well.

And lastly, SMILE for nothing can light up your face like a happy and positive smile.
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