5 Fashion Resolutions You Would Love To Make In 2016!


Most people like to make resolutions in the New Year. There is something about the New Year that has an amazing power, it resets their internal buttons. And so people all of a sudden want to do something very uncharacteristic of them, for example, they want to lose weight, exercise more frequently and travel more often. Well, to tell you the truth, most of these resolutions do not even last beyond a month, let alone a year.
But, what if we tell you to make resolutions that are both doable and fun? We are talking about taking fashion resolutions to welcome 2016.  With these resolutions, you can dress better and bolder and flaunt your look with style. Round the year. We are pretty sure you wouldn't want to break these fashion resolutions. Check them out!
  1. I will buy chic clothes, but smartly
Look at your wardrobe close and hard; get rid of some pieces that you haven’t worn in years. The chances are you will not wear them even in the next decade. Secondly, do not think of replenishing your entire wardrobe during the SALE. The discounts are attractive, but more often than not you end up buying things you regret and don’t wear. Before buying, think strategically and practically, ‘Do you really need an orange cardigan or purple slacks?’ Trends come and go, so do not buy in bulk, but make purchases as and when you need them. This year, also, wear more colours and patterns.
Most people spend on outerwear, however, when it comes to their intimates, they wear the same old, boring undies that have seen better times. Stop mistreating your innerwear, in fact, think of them as your power pieces. Experiment with bold colours and styles for bras and undies too.
Neon Color Trend How to Wear Neon Colors
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  1. I will buy jewellery to wear daily, not to lock it away



Now, jewellery can only enhance your look, it can make a dull dress look fab and can establish you as a fashion icon in no time. This year, play around with bangles and long chains. They look super cool.
One thing that breaks our heart is to see heavy precious jewellery lying in the bank lockers. They seldom get an outing. You do not buy homes in rarely visited weekend destinations, do you? Then why block the money and clip your fashion freedom by buying heavy jewellery?
So in this New Year, promise yourself to enjoy jewellery as an accessory. Build a collection of frequently worn fashionable jewellery (through easy interest free EMIs), and for those special occasions, take access to jewel library, a large trove of heavy rarely worn jewels, which you can wear without owning them! This way, you can build your very own collection of every day, party or occasion wear jewellery without breaking the bank. Why not explore the amazing collection at Eves24.com for your jewellery needs.
  1. I will experiment with footwear, pumps are passé
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Do away with your practical pumps in blacks and browns. They spoil your look. We understand, stilettos are not for everyone. So, instead, buy gladiators or wedges in metallic, nude and pastel colours.

  1. I will ditch the brands, street bags look trendy
Image Credits: aliexpress.com
While you may be in love with your MK or have already burned a fat paycheck on a Bottega, keep this in mind, brands are not always fashion. Sometimes, style can reflect in a bag bought off a street. Fashion is all about style, and not how much it costs. Having said that, buy vintage pieces, they never lose their charm, and can look fashionable even after years.

  1. I will upgrade my make up kitty, bold is flattering
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Firstly, throw away all those lipsticks, mascaras, pancakes and eye liners that have been sitting in your vanity case or purse for more than a year. One of the most important New Year resolutions should be to throw the old make up items and replenish your make-up kit every 6 to 12 months. Also, this is the season to go bold. So, do not again reach for the same pot of black eye-liner or brown lipstick. How about trying a green eye-liner or a red lipstick?
It’s time to change that look, however comfortable you are with it. That’s the whole point. This New Year should push you to come out of your comfort zone and try newer and cooler things. Be it getting a dramatic haircut, wearing leather pants or sporting a blue eye shadow. Do something you have secretly craved for, but could never summon the courage to do it. Try it in 2016!

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