5 Common Fashion Mistakes To Avoid In The WorkPlace


By Rashida Kapadia, Image Makeover Expert

You are the face of your company. The brand ambassador of the organization that you are working for. Your image is a reflection of the company’s image. Your attire sends a message about your professionalism. It should convey to your customers and clients that you are a credible person representing a credible organization with who they can do business.
While most know what business dressing is, there are times when the confusion arises regarding the don’ts. Haven’t you ever looked into your wardrobe and wondered, “Can I wear this to work?” Here, we give you tips on how to look your dapper best by avoiding these fashion flaws in the workplace.
As Zig Ziglar says, “You cannot climb the ladder of success in the costume of failure.”
  1. Large, noisy, chunky jewellery are best worn at parties and casual events. Avoid chandelier earrings, long hoops, leather bracelets and noisy jewellery.

  1. While it is a must to have well manicured hands, nail art is a no-no. Although nail art is trending these days, it is considered unprofessional, especially for senior level executives in banking and finance sectors. Chipped nail polish indicates that the person is not very meticulous.

  1. Sheer blouses, spaghetti tops, revealing necklines look tacky and can be distracting. While dealing with clients, one should ensure that their attention is on the face and the words being said.

  1. Never wear socks with open shoes or with sandals. It is a fashion faux pas. Flip flops are considered very casual even if they are heeled or embellished.

  1. Handbags that are printed, colourful , metallic, studded should be avoided. Accessories add oomph and speak volumes about the person.  Leather bags in neutral colours are appropriate in corporate settings.

Business dressing means being dressed in smart, well fitted clothing which projects you as a confident and trustworthy person. Do ensure that your clothing and accessories do not distract the focus away from work.

About Rashida Kapadia
Rashida Kapadia is an expert personal and corporate Image Consultant, founder of Orchid Complete Makeovers. She is passionate about mentoring people to help them find their own individual style.

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