10 Things Women Can Indulge on This Women's Day


As the International Women’s Day is inching closer, most women have this thought at the back of their mind – what to do or how to spend this Women’s Day? A woman is the most beautiful creation of God. In her life, she plays several roles of a mother, wife, sister, lover, daughter, employee, boss and a friend. And all of these, she plays masterfully. Being a Woman of Substance, it is only fair that the day dedicated to the celebration of her ‘being’, should be full of substance as well.

For all those lovely women here are 10 things you can indulge on this International Women’s Day to make it more special:
  1. Enrol in an adventure trip: Who says only men are adventure freaks? Women love adventures just as much. Enrol in adventure workshops like surfing, scuba diving, white water rafting, paragliding, and so on. Feel the rush of adrenaline flowing in your veins and talk to the elements of the nature that made you ‘You’.
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  2. Go on an all-girls trip: Women’s Day is all about you and your wonderful sorority; so pull out all the stops and go on an all-girls trip to the places you have had always wanted to visit. Courageous Indian women have driven all the way to London, take inspiration from them and do the unthinkable.
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  3. Buy gadgets: It might have been men’s territory, once upon a time, but now no more. As women are stepping out and breaking the proverbial glass ceiling, they have realized that gadgets can be both useful and fun in their life. Buy yourself an e-book reader, Fitbit charge, a body massager, power bank or a bluetooth.
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  4. Gift yourself diamonds: The love affair of women and diamonds has been a long standing one, and it’s going to continue till eternity. So, what better way to feel precious than gifting yourself some unique diamond jewellery? But, wait. What if we tell you that you can pamper yourself with diamonds round the year and wear them as a daily accessory as well on special occasions without burning a big hole in your purse? Sounds unbelievable? Not any more, if you avail Eves24 Club Membership. Click here to indulge in diamonds like never before or simply call +91 84509 50608.
  5. Take pleasure in giving: An important day like this can only get better when you choose to contribute to the less fortunate. Empower by taking up societal causes and donating towards education, health care, sanitation, safety and financial security. After all, nothing beats the joy of giving.
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  6. Promise yourself health: This Women’s Day, gift yourself of a healthier lifestyle. Make a note of fitness goals and start working towards them. Eat healthy food, exercise regularly, stop smoking & drinking and take adequate sleep. If you are a lazy lass or need motivation, enrol yourself in a fitness programme, either solo or with a friend!
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  7. Surprise the women in your life: Give a surprise visit to your mother, granny or your favourite school teacher. Take flowers, cake or a memento they would cherish forever. Believe us, your day will turn out to be extra special with the ladies who made you what you are.
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  8. Enjoy a gala time with your BFF: No celebration in your life can be complete without your girl gang. Book yourself a date with your girl friends; go for a mani-pedi or just a simple coffee date and laugh and giggle for no reason at all.
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  9. Adopt a pet: You can shop all that you want to, however, shopping can only give you momentary pleasure. Adopt a pup or a kitten, and shower yourself with undiluted fun and love that will stay with you long after the Women’s Day is gone.
    Image Credits: lautre07.tumblr.com
  10. Rejoice in the unusual: If you are one of those women who are always surrounded by people and work, and hardly get some alone time, this is the day you can cut yourself loose. Buy a day all to yourself; check in a hotel in your town, if you are not inclined to travel, and give into the rare pleasure of being pampered. Switch off your phone, have your meals in bed, watch all your favourite sappy rom-coms and keep the remote control too. A blissful day!
At the end, whether you choose to shop, travel or do nothing, just remember, it’s you who makes the Women’s Day, and not the other way round.

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