Breaking Traditions: Why You Should Choose Diamond Over Gold


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If you go through your mother’s wedding jewellery, you will realize it is mostly gold. As per the popular Indian tradition, the parents start saving from the day their daughter is born, and give her gold jewellery as a ceremonial gift at the time of her marriage. In fact, Indians have been buying gold on auspicious occasions like Akshay Trithya and Dhanteras as well. However, this trend is gradually changing, and India’s long standing affair with the precious gold metal is taking a back seat. People are now turning to diamond jewellery to celebrate occasions or key milestones of their life.

Why this shift from gold to diamond?
Diamonds add a more affluent charm to the personality and status of the wearer.
Diamonds brilliantly bring out the beauty and sparkle of the jewellery in which they are set.

Today’s women like ‘unconventional’, go beyond traditions and do not hesitate experimenting with their jewellery.
Surprisingly, the diamonds have been cherished and worn for a very long time in diverse cultures. The Greeks believed diamonds were tears of the gods, while the Romans believed they were a part of the fallen stars. In the Hindu mythology, the diamonds were considered to be gifts from the gods. The earliest mentions of diamonds in India date back to 400 BC. Do you know that diamonds also bring several benefits to its wearer? Apart from the fact that it is the most beautiful and  the purest gemstone in this world and makes a woman look like million dollars (no pun intended ☺), here are a few other dazzling reasons of buying diamond jewellery:
Symbolizes eternity: Love is forever and so are the diamonds. These crystals are a symbol of love, fidelity, perfection and protection. So, is it any wonder that men prefer to gift their women diamond jewellery to declare their undying love?
Aids physical health: These gems have amazing healing powers – they can cure many ailments/diseases and improve the overall physical health of the wearer. It also prevents sexual diseases, improves eyesight, cures ailments related to the heart, skin, kidneys and urinary tract, and eases diabetes. Wearing diamond also helps in case of lethargy and exhaustion.
Pacifies the mind: Diamonds create powerful positive vibes that help to ward off evil and fearful thoughts from the mind, and in turn make the wearer feel more confident. The rainbow colours emanating from the diamonds can also help tone down the aggressive nature of the person.
Activates the spiritual energy: A diamond is the crystal of Light. It encourages the wearer to take the challenges of life in stride, discover the inner self and focus on the lessons learnt from the challenges. It illuminates the life of the wearer just like the way sunlight brings a fresh hope every morning.
Influences astrological position: Diamonds brings good fortune, prosperity and fruitful opportunities. Diamonds also tackles Venus, the planet of relationships. So, if someone is facing a marital discord or unable to get married, wearing a diamond ring can be helpful.
The cost and preciousness of a diamond are judged by 4Cs; colour, clarity, cut and carat weight. Though the best diamonds are colourless, their colourful and often cheaper counterparts in white, yellow, pink, blue, red and black look as much stunning. They can be made in gold (yellow or white) or platinum jewellery. However, beware of fake diamonds, remember, all that shines and sparkles is not (real) diamond. Always, purchase it from a trustworthy dealer who can give you the certificate of authenticity of the diamonds.
So, let’s begin a new tradition from today. Let’s buy a diamond over gold. Because, a diamond is beautiful and forever. Visit us at www.eves24.com to view our everlasting collection of designer diamond jewellery.

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