Get Your Bridal Outfit According To Your Body Type


It is the dream of every girl to look like a princess on her wedding. One of the important things that will make this dream a reality would be her Bridal Outfit. India is a land of multiple cultures, religions and communities; there are various types of outfits that fit into the category of the ‘bridal’ outfit. The most significant ones being the Lehenga, the Sari, the Gown and a combination of tunic and pants in various styles. But there are so many variations in all these outfits that sometimes it gets difficult to decide on the style that will enhance your looks. Apart from your skin tone, your body shape is an important factor in determining a suitable outfit for your Wedding Day.
Let’s understand different body shapes and what styles suit them:
  1. Triangle Shape
  2. Inverted Triangle Shape
  3. Rectangle Shape
  4. Oval Shape
  5. Hourglass Shape

Triangle Shape
Also called the ‘pear shape’, the triangle shape is when the bottom is heavier than the top. The outfit that you wear should add dimension and shape to the smaller top half and divert attention away from the larger bottom half.
Suitable styles for this kind of shape would be:
Lehenga - A-line or flared low waist lehenga with a heavily embellished choli with a wide neckline
Sari - Go for lighter fabrics like georgettes. The best drape would be seedha palla style draped below navel. The blouse could be heavily embellished.
Gowns - Empire line or A-line gowns with pleats or fullness at the top.
Jewellery - Heavy choker necklace, chandelier earrings. Check out our beautiful collection of necklaces and earrings by clicking here.
Stay Away from - Fish cut lehengas or gowns or mermaid style of sari draping.




Inverted Triangle Shape
Also called ‘strawberry’ or ‘cone shape’, here the top is heavier than the bottom. The outfit should minimize the larger top half of the body - bust and upper arms or add width to the hips and thighs. It should divert attention away from the larger top half and draw it towards the smaller bottom and shapely legs.

Suitable styles would be:
Lehenga - Heavily embellished circular or flared lehenga with minimal embellishment on choli and preferably with a deep and narrow neckline. Jacket style can also work wonders for you.
Sari - Can go for stiffer fabrics like silks that add volume to lower body. Keep the blouse simple and avoid pleating the palla.
Gowns - A-line gowns with deep V-neck or strapless gowns with full skirt or empire line. Give a thought to asymmetric hemline as well.
Jewellery - Long delicate necklace, chandelier earrings, hip belt. Check some out here.
Stay away from - Pleating the dupatta or sari palla.


Rectangle Shape
Also called ‘ruler’ or ‘straight’ body. The top, bottom and waist have almost the same measurements. The outfit should define the waist and give a curvy effect on top and bottom.
Suitable styles would be:
Lehenga - Go for a circular or flared lehenga preferably in a stiff fabric with minimal embellishments on choli with a deep neckline. A fish-cut lehenga will also help to accentuate curves. Drape the dupatta around the hips to add curves.
Sari – A sari with heavy detailing or embellishment will be good for you. Wear with a blouse having a plunging neckline.
Gowns - A-line gowns with puff or cap sleeves or with asymmetric hemline. Go for a belt to define the waist. Empire dresses/gowns also help to define the waist. Fish cut gowns will look good too.
Jewellery - Go for a waist or hip belt. Choker or mid length necklaces would be good. Check some out here.
Stay away from - Heavy dupatta or heavy sari palla. Also avoid shift dresses.

Oval Shape
Also called ‘apple’ or ‘round’ body. The shoulder and hip measurements are almost the same, but the weight is more around the waist and stomach, upper arms and upper thighs. Waist is not defined. Mostly plus sized. The outfit should define waist and add height.
Suitable styles would be:
Lehenga - Go for soft fabrics and longer choli with a deep neckline. Heavy embroidery or detailing will look good at the hem. Drape your dupatta covering the front.
Sari - Embroidered sari with regular drape will look good. Wear a longer blouse or drape the sari little higher.
Gowns – A-line or empire line floor length gown in single color. ¾ sleeves will look the best for this body type.
Jewellery - Medium scale jewellery will look the best. Avoid something that is round or gives an illusion of being round.
Check out these pendant designs for your body type.
Stay away from - Net saris, stiff fabrics for lehenga, heavy embroidery or detailing around the waist.


Hourglass Shape
It is the perfect or dream shape for every woman. The top and the bottom are of the same measurement with a well defined waist. The outfit should maintain and enhance the shape of the body. Most of the outfits work for this shape, yet some styles would make it more attractive.
Suitable styles would be:
Lehenga - Opt for a fish-cut, A-line or straight lehenga with a heavily embellished choli. A corset shaped choli or a long jacket would look good as well.
Sari - Fabrics like chiffons, georgettes, crepes, nets with embellished choli ending just below the bust. Pleat the palla into a narrow band to flaunt the waist. Sari worn in mermaid style or retro style will look great for this body shape.
Gowns - A-line gowns or gowns with full skirt. Halter neck or corset will be a good choice.
Jewellery - Choker or mid length necklaces would look good. Wear a kamarbandh to flaunt the waist. Check out some necklaces here.
Stay away from - Empire waist gown, it will hide the waist.



So look fab for your wedding following the style tips for your body shape. If you are keen, Eves24 is providing a FREE consultation on ‘How to Dazzle at Various Wedding events’. You may fill up the form and get registered for the same.

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