Jewellery Care Tips


Keep Your Jewellery Sparkling Like New

Jewellery like clothes is an important part of a woman’s life. Every woman is possessive of her jewellery and wears it with pride. Jewellery is not only about style and panache but much of it has some sort of sentimental value which makes the pieces all the more valuable. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you keep your precious lovelies in the best of sheen and shape.

Here are a few tips and tricks you should observe while wearing, cleaning and storing your jewellery, to help keep it last longer and look ever new.

While Wearing

1. Your jewellery must never come into contact with your cosmetics, lotions, hair spryas and perfumes. These chemical agents can make your jewellery look dull and difficult to clean. So always wear jewellery in the end after your make up and face routine are done.
2.  If you are doing heavy physical work which is bound to make you sweat profusely or get you in contact with dust, mud, house cleaning solutions and similar compounds, it is advisable to remove your jewellery particularly pearls, silver and polished jewellery.
3.  After removing the jewellery, always clean it with a soft tissue cloth to wipe off the sweat and other agents that might have got deposited on it.
4.   Take off your diamond jewellery while taking a shower. Soap can form a layer on your precious diamond jewellery and make it lose its radiance. Also, its advisable to remove jewellery before entering swimming pool as the chlorinated water interacts with metals and stones, apart from the fact that you can lose them in the pool.
5.   Kundan and pearl jewellery are very sensitive to water. Should you choose to wear it during the monsoon, always carry an air tight ziplock bag in case you need to remove it and store it, if it rains.

While Storing

1.      Always sort your jewellery. Keep your gold, silver, kundan, diamond and fakes separately.
2.   Do not toss jewellery into a drawer, as it invites scratches and damaged gems. Always, store jewellery individually in such a way that pieces do not rub against each other. Especially, store pearl, diamond and kundan jewellery separately.
3.   Keep your jewellery in boxes they come packed in. If you have already thrown them, then get suede/leather boxes or plastic boxes and line them with soft tissue/velvet/muslin cloth to store them - it is an expense but absolutely worth it!
4.  Some metals and coloured gem stones are sensitive to moisture in the air and temperature variations. Such jewellery must always be stored snugly inside boxes or cloth bags.
5.   Store all papers and certificates related to jewellery properly since they can come handy when you want to sell them off.

While Cleaning

1.     Always clean your jewellery in a secure place which is devoid of drains and openings from where the small pieces can slip in.
2.   Use soft bristled brush, warm water and a non-detergent soapy solution to clean your jewellery. There are many companies like ModiCare who offer special jewellery cleaning solutions.
3.  Some pieces of jewellery come with a cleaning manual, if yours do too, then follow the instructions.
4.   If you want to give your jewellery for cleaning outside then make sure you are giving it to the place/ showroom you have bought it from. If this is not possible, then establish credibility of the cleaners prior to giving it. Also, check the weight of jewellery before giving it and get it countersigned by the cleaners. Do the same after cleaning is over.
5.   Consider re-plating your gold and silver jewellery every year since it protects and makes your jewellery shine like new. Also, pearls that are worn frequently should be restrung once a year.

Follow these tips and tricks and keep your valuables shining and sparkling always.

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