7 Celebrity Engagement Rings That Make Us Go Wow !!


The celebrities always stand out for their star-studded blings they flaunt into the flashlights! With wedding vows and engagement celebrations being the in thing, here are ring-tales from the who’s who of the Page 3! So for those on the seemingly never-ending ring-quest check out these cues to add some oomph to your love band!

Jennifer Aniston sets the bling thing: The classy one who embraced this bling in all its boisterousness! One of the first actresses to sport a million dollar diamond solitaire ring when she got engaged to Justin Theroux, Aniston was the trend-setter back then and now! It might be over-the-top and in-the-face, but who’s complaining! An 8 carat radiant-cut diamond – we love it, love it and love it!

Baring the bling

Halle Berry creates a twist with an emerald for the tryst: In the sea of diamonds, this lady showed her own way by embracing a classy green emerald. Sure way to pass on the green envies! Carving her own niche is all about substance and style and she does it with elan - a cool $200,000 for this 4 carat precious one. One of its kind, not unlike her own self!

Different strokes for the perfect post

Kim Kardashian’s ring is the in thing: Custom made is the way to go and Kanye West sure knows the way to win over his lady. Having designed the ring himself – look at that cut, clarity and color – he has proved he knows a thing or two about how to woo women! The 15 carat stud looks like it is ‘floating in the air’!

Floating on top of the world

Kate Middleton exudes the perfect royal blue: The royals always rule the roost. And so did Kate Middleton by sporting an exquisite royal blue sapphire ring! A whopping 5 million dollars of exclusive craftsmanship that once belonged to Princess Diana shouts out aristocracy! With an unusual oval shape, the 12-carat beauty from Ceylon graced the perfect occasion, and shall we say, the hand too!

Royal blue for a touch of royalty

Big is better as Beyoncé discovered: Competition galore! This one truly blew the bling off Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry and many other Hollywood divas. Beyoncé knows how to play it big, all with a 5 million dollar stunner adorning her finger. All of 18 carats, this emerald cut whopper of a stone is set in a platinum band. Contemporary and classy!

Playing it big the Beyoncé way! 

Closer back home too big is in vogue, Shilpa Shetty beholds: Little did the lass know that she would be the pioneering owner of the biggest diamond in the whole of Bollywood! Courtship and marriage with Raj Kundra bestowed her with this 20 carat single shimmering stud that she flaunts unabashedly!

Flaunt what you have baby!

Personalization is in, so says Asin: What’s in a name, one would say! But Asin and fiancé Rahul sure know how to ‘up’ the engagement glamour by adding a dash of personalization to their symbol of love - by engraving a monogram of their initials, A and R on Asin’s Belgium-imported diamond stud. What adds to the charm (or the snob value) is its price of 6 crores for the 20 carat bomb! My, my!

Engraving love forever: Asin

So there they are, all out and flashed about. Make your pick of style and substance and get your perfect love band crafted to suit your taste!

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