True Diamond : India's first 'Flying Queen'


Meet India’s first ‘Flying Queen’ 

For aeons, flight has fascinated human beings. Stories like the one of Icarus, or the Pushpak Vimana have always been part of our culture and folklore. After the Wright Brothers invented the first airplane, and commercial airliners became commonplace, piloting became a prime occupation for hundreds, if not thousands of people around the world. Like most ‘prime’ occupations, flying too was, for many decades the sole purvey of men folk; flying in a combat ready role (in the air force), even more so. Even among fighter pilots, aerobatics (stunt) pilots have a special place. So when a woman cracks into this most elite of circles, it is indeed a noteworthy achievement.

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Meet Squadron Leader Deepika Mishra along with Lieutenant Sandeep Singh (Sandeep too is a woman), have become the first women to break into the Indian Air Force’s elite aerial acrobatics team, Sarang. This accomplishment is truly awe-inspiring not just because it is one of female achievers or it has to do with persevering against all odds; but because India as a country is one of a handful of nations to have such a squadron, and even among these countries, only Great Britain has an all women team that is part of it.

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 Deepika graduated from the Air Force Academy in 2006 and always harboured hopes of being part of an elite squadron. When the IAF called for female volunteers for the Sarang, she was amongst the first to answer the call. From flying light, single engine helicopters of the Cheetah/Chetak class, Sqd. Ldr. Mishra worked her way up to more complex machines, which are mandated by the Sarang squadron. Her passion for flying is so contagious that her colleagues and subordinates keep telling her that she was a ‘bird of prey’ in her past life.

Image Source: thehindu.com

A perfect example of how perseverance and passion are ultimately rewarded, Squadron Leader Deepika Mishra is a #TrueDiamond, that deserves our praise and adulation.


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