True Diamond : SI Bharti Wadhwa - teaching to be a victor, not a victim


#TrueDiamond SI Bharti Wadhwa

Teaching women to be the victor, not the victim!

Absolutely no one can forget the 16th of December, 2012. A day that shocked, galvanised, and spurred the populace of this country to finally speak out against the rise in sexual violence being meted out to women in India. The gruesome rape, beating and murder of a young Delhi woman by a gang of violent deviants aboard a private bus in the twilight hours, tarnished the country’s reputation in the women’s rights sphere almost irreparably. 

While panelists called for stricter legislations and punishments for the offenders, one police officer dared to think of prevention, over punishment. Senior Inspector Bharti Wadhwa of the Delhi Police saw rape as systemic to the place and ideals taught to Indian women in our culture and ethos as the problem. Indian women have never been ‘trained’ to protect themselves and in this issue, lay the problem in SI Wadhwa’s eyes.

With the aim of making Indian women the ‘victors’ rather than the ‘victims’ Bharti Wadhwa, with the support of erstwhile Delhi Commissioner of Police, Bhim Sain Bassi, took it upon herself to train women in the art of self defence; in order to fight back in situations that needed action. She has set forth creating a crack squad of police women with one simple goal in mind: nipping out eve teasing in public places in the bud. In her own words: "We won't tolerate any bad behavior, it can start from a simple catcall, which then leads to stalking and then rape. We will nip such antics in the bud." 

40 police women have been specially trained in various forms of self defence and have been instructed to infiltrate sensitive public locations in plain clothes. A zero tolerance policy towards any indecency against women and rapid, decisive action, with prompt police action and support is the modus operandi of this specially trained squad. Definitely an amazing solution to nip one of society’s most pertinent problems in the bud and make examples out of potential sex offenders.

We doff our hats to you, SI Bharti Wadhwa, you are a true protector, and a #TrueDiamond.


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