Bring in the New Year with Style! Steal the show at this New Year's Party...


Calendar is striking December and everyone’s already in the New Year’s festive mood. While you have already planned your resolutions, filling your shopping bags is still the most important thing to do. Though endless thoughts are running through your mind, we at Eves24 are exclusively taking an initiative to keep your Jewellery Shopping Worries at Bay!

‘Jewel Library,’ an extensive basket of multiple kinds of jewellery from- authentic to contemporary, exquisite to designer or extravagant to minimalistic, is conveniently accessible to you with one of its kind scheme, ‘Pay-Per-Use.’ This Eves24's Jewel Library collection will leave you in awe.

Cease this moment, uncover the ‘Must Haves for this New Year’ and head on to add the essentials in your Jewel Wardrobe.

Elegant Earrings

It is true that a perfect pair of earrings can glam you up in an instant. Earrings are the basics in the Lot of jewellery. And who wants go wrong with that? Definitely, not you woman! With New Year so close, getting the best in your treasure has to be your mantra. These refined earrings are edgy yet delicate. You no more have to compromise in being the style icon.

Burnished Bracelets

Bangles are always in, but with Bracelets, you can look flawless with low maintenance. With numerous designs dipped in vast colour palettes, bracelets would look dapper with your new your outfit. If you are planning to wear an evening gown on this New Year, a beaded yet sparkling bracelet would add just the perfect Bling. It even goes well with the saree you might have opted for.

Radiant Rings

You either might prefer getting dolled up from head to heel or hold a charm with fewer accessories. Rings are the best of the accessories one can own. It defines itself as a minimal element that speaks volume. Getting one for yourself would actually be a wise decision. These uniquely crafted rings, stands apart and look incredible. Just a perfect accessory to compliment your New Year outfit and will transition day into seamlessly.

Nicest Necklaces

From simple and elegant to exquisite and dazzling, necklaces can accommodate all your outfit needs. If you have an off shoulder dress for the New Year, a beautiful contemporary neck piece will be the right choice to make. A bright colourful pendant with a plain silver chain will look great with sarees, long gowns and even lehengas if you are planning to attend weddings too.

Invest your time and money on the best. We hope your shopping ideas just got a definite direction. We wish you a year full of happiness, a life that you’ve always wished for. May you always find cute- clothes with best Jewelleries that complement each other oh-so-perfectly!

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