Making The Most of Demonetisation.


In India, it’s not just wedding. It’s a BIG FAT Indian Wedding with all the chachis, mamis, masis and the bride’s friends creating a fashion galore to look their best from head to heel. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event and that calls for enormous celebrations. Women love to dress up and look drop-dead gorgeous! After all, who doesn’t want to be in the limelight?

Jewellery is one thing that women don’t want to compromise on. Shopping numerous jewellery to beat that perfect look tops the list. This wedding season, make your dream come alive! Get unlimited jewellery in your ‘limited budget’ and walk the red carpet like a diva.

While, you’re wondering that demonetisation is here to restrict your jewel expenditure, Eves24 is at your rescue assuring the perfect way to meet your jewel expenditure. Give the Demon of DEMONetisation a run for its money.

Here are the Jewel Bling-Hacks by Eves24 that you can Decode at your comfort -

Bridal Benefit

Just like the name suggests, this very scheme is undoubtedly an opportunity for brides to avail exclusive benefits. A Big Fat Indian Wedding is a big day for a bride and so it’s absolutely important for her to sizzle in her attire. All the eyes are on you and you certainly don’t want to lose any brownie points on that. Bridal benefit assists you to dazzle the onlookers on your utmost precious day with best heavy jewellery sets and then exchange them (hundred percent value including labour charges) for equally beautiful regular jewellery at no additional investments. Doesn’t your smile have an instant sparkle?

Jewel Library

Think about the times you had to save for years to buy a piece of jewellery that you dreamt of. How about a scheme that lets you wear your preferred jewellery as an accessory and you pay only a fraction of the total cost. That’s exactly what our Jewel Library does. It assures a credit not only to your happiness but your bank balance as well. Don’t let jewellery just remain an investment anymore. Wear it like an accessory and wear a new one every time! Tempted enough to get in touch?


Well, this isn’t as complicated as it might come across. Once you buy a flexi-jewellery, you’ve invested in not one but multiple jewelleries! Are you surprised how is that possible? This is an attachable - detachable jewellery.

A heavy neck piece that can be detached to wear it as a choker or a chain or a pendant!

A cocktail ring that can be donned as a delicate, classy pendant too!

Moreover, a choker that can be turned into a radiant bracelet to look stunning at the party!

What more can a woman ask for? One jewellery that can definitely save you for many occasions…

Finding a one stop for the best of the accessories is as difficult as looking for what to wear in your wardrobe every morning. You and I will definitely agree. Amidst this dilemma, Eves24 does make lives of the women peaceful yet not compromising on your happiness quotient.

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