9-5 Makeup Tips


By Neha Suradkar : A Makeup & Nail Artist and Trainer, a Style Coach™, an Etiquette Trainer, a Corporate Coach and a Fashion Educator

Turing out to be well groomed everyday could be daunting for some of us and we often tend to get away from it by saying ‘I don’t have time’ or sometimes we tend to put all the makeup we have thinking the more stuff we have on our face, the better we’ll look. Both extremes are not right and should be avoided.

Read the tricks of makeup to look your professional best any time and every time.

1.     Skip the foundation: Go for BB Cream or CC cream or a tinted moisturizer for a light coverage and even skintone.

2.    Don’t forget your Concealer- Nothing looks worse than dark circles under the eye, which are even more evident once you become a mother. Pick up a good concealer and/or a corrector if required to conceal them and give you an even tone and brightened eyes.

3.      Prefer Creams over powder- When selecting your blush or an eyeshadow for daily wear, go for cream products. These blend well into your skin and give natural finish. Avoid cream products if you have really oily skin.

4.    Natural Eye Shadow- For a professional look, go for an eye shadow that is just two shades darker than your skin tone in nude shades.

5.   Wear your Mascara- Mascara not only lengthen or add volume to your lashes but they also open up your eyes and make them look bigger. Concealed dark circles with only mascara can sail you through the day if you don’t have time to put on anything else.

6.    Ditch the glitter or excess shimmer- Matte textures can make your face look really flat, go for a bit of shimmer which will add dimension to your face. Avoid too much of shimmer and completely avoid glitter in workplace.

7.   Lip Balm and Matte Lip colour are your best friends- Matte lip colour is best for daily use. It gives intense colour and neat finish to your look. However, matte lipsticks can make your lips feel dry. To avoid this problem, make sure your lips are well exfoliated and apply lip balm atleast 10 minutes before applying lipstick for it to be absorbed well into the lips.

8.   Natural Nails- Apart from your face, your hands are the most noticed part of your body. Keep your hands well moisturized with a hand cream. Avoid dark nails at work, go for natural shades of nail paint or for French manicure. Nail art should also be avoided.

So, hope following these tips, you’ll look presentable and professional all the time!!

 About the Author :  

A Makeup & Nail Artist and Trainer, a Style Coach™, an Etiquette Trainer, a Corporate Coach and a Fashion Educator and Blogger with an experience of almost 10 years in the fields of Fashion Design Teaching and Research, Personal Style Consulting, Makeup, Styling and Trainings.
She is the Founder and Creative Director of Mirror Image & Style Pvt. Ltd. In July 2016, Neha launched her makeup & nail studio and academy STYLE-N-FILE at Powai. Apart from providing complete service portfolio in Makeup and Nails, the students are trained as Nail Technicians and Makeup Artists with certification from International brands.

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