All about Diamond and Its Aura


Amidst numerous stories, there’s an interesting one where a legend claims to have crushed a few of the world’s gems such as Sapphires, Emeralds, etc and compounded them together, stating, “Let this be something that will combine the beauty of all.” And Voila! The diamond was born: as pure as a dewdrop and invincible in hardness. Its rays disperse in spectrum, displaying all the colours of gem of which it is made of.

Known as the rarest and hardest substance, diamonds possess properties which are beyond the beauty that it holds. Let us take you through a mine of fascinating benefits that it offers to the wearer.

The Beauty of Diamonds

No other gemstone can ever replace the beauty of a pure diamond. A diamond with its mesmerising aura has been an epitome of class and love from over thousands of years. It has been a desirable choice of people and graced the hands of many blushing brides undoubtedly. However, this is a myth that one has to splurge a huge amount to get one for them. Fortunately, diamonds come in variety of categories, sizes, shapes and quality, enabling people from all walks of life to flaunt it with style.

Spiritual Energy of Diamonds

Diamond representing love, commitment and everlasting togetherness, perfectly reflects the 7 colours of rainbow, which in turn radiates the 7 Chakras. Diamonds intricately works with the heart, mind, crown and third eye to stimulate and open all the essential chakras of our body. It forms a firm alignment with the higher mind, soul and vision. It empowers the wearer with power and strength. It holds a unique energy and aura to cleanse the mind and filter the negative thoughts or entities, allowing one to radiate and shine light and positivity. 

Diamonds drives the wearer to the path of enlightenment and broadens the vision to greater success. It manifests growth within the heart and helps responding over varied situations with grace. It helps in connecting with inner beauty and the soul’s knowledge.

Physical Healing Energy of Diamonds

Diamond jewellery does have effects on your physical being. It tends to balance the metabolism and detoxify your body. It acts as a master healer from all its ability to unify the mind and body. Diamonds are known for even strengthening brain function, nerves and sensory organs. You can be assured of your dizziness and vertigo issue solved. It's constant vibe adds to your energy level and restores it time to time. It is also a driving force in balancing the brain hemispheres, epilepsy and in combating aging of cells. However, it is recommended to be avoided in cases of paranoid psychosis, depression and obsessive jealousy. 

One of the lesser known facts is that diamonds have been used to cure constipation, urine retention and removing waste from the body. It has been used in medical science to accelerate the evacuation of kidney stones in patients. (Consulting doctors in this matter is advised.)

Emotional Healing Energy of Diamonds

There is an intense aura of Diamonds that amplify the power and emotional state. It does not directly have an impact on the emotional body, but, its energy does enhance the healing properties. It infuses positive well being, creative imagination and makes the wearer feel lighter, more cheerful and spiritually closer to oneself. It assists in keeping one out from a bad frame of mind and resists harmful energies that flow around. 

Diamonds are a love bearing crystal that symbolises purity and innocence, trust and bond, fidelity and faithfulness and everything that embraces the strength of a character. Be it engagement ring, wedding ring or diamond jewellery for any other significant occasion, it is the glory of the diamonds and the gesture of its giving that symbolises love and affection at its best.

The Rainbow of Diamonds

Yellow diamonds- Representing the colour of Earth, yellow is closest to daylight and symbolizes humility. About 60% of all coloured diamonds belong to the category of yellow diamonds and are immensely popular. Its colour is a result of nitrogen molecules which absorbs the blue light.

Red and pink diamonds – These are the rarest and highly priced diamonds. The red diamonds are a symbol of passion, powerful rituals and deeds, whereas, the pink diamonds stand for enhancing creativity. Corals are also red in colour and found in sea and symbolize eternal foundation and flexibility. Interestingly, the red diamonds can even be produced in labs through an extensive process involving high temperature and other scientific elements.

Green diamonds – Also known as Chameleon diamonds come in various shades of green. They significantly stand for youthful vigour, ability, activity and prosperity. Kept under high radiations, these green diamonds can transform in shades of brown too.

Blue diamond – After the rarity of pink diamonds, second in the list is the Blue diamonds. They majorly symbolize truth, peace, devotion and spirituality. As a matter of fact, according to certain Buddhist beliefs, rings with blue assures safe journey and in the earrings, prevents reincarnation as a donkey. 

Black and white diamonds –‘Black’ diamonds are not truly black, but rather its composition has numerous dark inclusions which directly reflect in its appearance. These are believed to enhance quality relationships, contribute to inner strength and assists in balancing the wearer’s clarity and abundance. On the other hand, the white diamonds have a milky colour than just being transparent. They symbolize cleanliness, togetherness and peace. 

Brown – One of the affordable diamonds, brown ones are of high yield. They signify clarity, order, convention, stability and a feeling of home.

Did You Know?

Kajol holds a successful career in Bollywood as well as her personal life. She is a charming actress, proud wife and loved mother of two kids. Interestingly, you will never see Kajol without her Om shaped Diamond ring, which apparently is gifted to her by her husband, Ajay Devgn. She has openly accredited her diamond ring a large part of her happiness and success. 

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