A Gemstone for your Sun-sign


Most of us believe in wearing gemstones as they tend to bring good luck and fortune. In today's time wearing them in different forms also make them an appealing accessory.

A gemstone might turn things around in your favour if worn correctly. However, getting consulted by an astrologer is the best way out. Your gemstone can bring in positive changes in your life and make you feel good. There are 12 zodiac signs namely, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Individuals should seek to wear gemstones that suit them in accordance to their sun-signs. Also, if your ruling planet is strong, the weaker ones do not have much impact on you. So, here are the 12 lucky gemstones for specific zodiac signs. Get acquainted to a gemstone lucky for you and make the right choices. 

Red Coral for the Aries (Mesha):

Red coral, known as 'Moonga' stone in Hindi stands for the planet of Mars and this gemstone symbolises power, masculinity, wisdom, courage, enthusiasm and aggression. It is the birthstone of individuals of the sun-sign Aries. The ascendants of Aries can wear this gemstone for their entire lifetime and fetch assertive events and happiness. It also benefits in terms of providing mental strength, longevity, physical strength and triumph in overcoming fears, challenges and evil omen. It also effectively drives a person's level of energy and makes him/ her rid of their procrastination and laziness. The natives of Aries, suffering from 'Manglik' dosh should wear Red Corals to lessen the effects of critical conditions.

Diamond for the Taurus (Vrishbha):

Taurus is owned by the planet Venus and thus individuals who belong to this sun-sign are recommended to wear Diamonds as their gemstone. Diamonds act as a positive source to the wearer's mind and body. It keeps the individual cheerful and fearless and even controls their anger issues. Diamonds as a gemstone for the natives of Taurus provide for many other advantages such as a tonic for heart and sexual weakness, longevity, curing urinal diseases or difficulties, diabetes, etc. Moreover, it helps stabilise the financial status and balances physical and mental well-being; making the person even more loyal and protective. Undoubtedly, Diamonds are an eye candy and define the symbols of purity and beauty. When worn, Diamond jewellery offers an individual a sense of luxury and exclusivity.

Emerald for the Gemini (Mithuna):

The gemstone for the individuals of Gemini ascendants is Emerald and works as a charm with its aura to the wearer. It brings prosperity, better health prospects, makes them confident and outcomes positively in matters of property or court disputes. The planet that owns this sun-sign is Mercury and wearing emerald attracts success and happiness from all directions and aspects of life and work. Wearing of Emerald gemstone is likely to make one confident, healthy and successful. It builds a stronger personality, makes the wearer competent and full of life to cherish good at all times. 

Natural Pearl for the Cancer (Kark):

Pearl is the gemstone that enhances the powers of the planet Moon. The sun-sign cancer is owned by the Moon and thereby, serves as an auspicious gemstone for the ascendants of Cancer. Wearing pearl can promote physical as well as mental attractiveness and can often lead to greater and bigger achievements. Cancer ascendants can cherish wearing Pearl or Moti, as it is believed to bring appreciation, fame and fortune. Surprisingly, it also sharpens one's memory. It is also deeply contemplated that individuals to don this gemstone are likely to take better decisions in life. The position of Moon also varies, varying the nature of effects on Cancer ascendants. Strong and positive positions reinforce the strength in the individual, whereas, a weaker position tends to make them feel weaker or depressed. To tackle this change in shifts, wearing a Pearl is a wise way to opt for.

Ruby for the Leo (Simha):

For the sun-sign Leo, Ruby is the recommended gemstone. It is highly influenced by the Sun and the red in the ruby signifies the same. The Leo ascendants have numerous good and credible traits however, to keep the negatives under the control; wearing Ruby is seen as the right option according to the Vedic Astrology. The individuals born under this sun-sign are born leaders and powerful, with these qualities come aggression, ego and boastfulness, which a Ruby can assure to calm down. This gemstone provides positive results in achieving victory in both personal and professional life. However, it is also very significant to opt for the right finger to wear the Ruby to acquire an ideal energy. 

Emerald for the Virgo (Kanya):

Being one of the rare gemstones, Emerald stands lucky for the Virgo ascendants and is ruled by the planet of Mercury. Emeralds are as rare as the diamonds and beautiful in appearance. Wearing it, an individual can certainly keep a mental peace, and channelise his/her talents in the right direction. It also keeps the nightmares at the bay and brings a more spiritual connect. It is also used to cure various diseases that are caused due to weaknesses such as cold, cough, insomnia, etc. It is one stone that is considered to strengthen parental love and happiness. 

Diamond for the Libra (Tula):

Venus is the planet of the sun-sign Libra and Diamonds stand as the gemstone for the Libra ascendants. It is considered effective in controlling the career graphs and choices of an individual to a great level. Wearing a Diamond, or 'Heera' can control their destiny. Venus is the most shining and prettiest planet in the solar system and equally rare is the gemstone Diamond. Moreover, Diamonds truly reflect beauty and brilliance when worn as jewellery. They come in varieties of necklaces, pendants and earrings, giving individuals an opportunity to make a style statement and attract instant attention. An individual wearing it can be assured of his well-being, be blessed in terms of happiness, pleasure, enjoyments and following their passions. It is also beneficial since it rules the element of sex and sexuality, love, marriage and luxury too. A person is driven to become an optimistic person and attract positive vibes. 

Red Coral for the Scorpio (Vrischika):

Do you know Red Coral is also the birthstone of the sun-sign Scorpio and Aries both? Well, now you know! The individuals who fall in this category are highly recommended to wear the red coral as being the gemstone of Mars. The significance of it being a head among other planets and its structured positioning according to Vedic astrology makes it even more auspicious. It can aid an individual to influence people, acquire success in any field, trigger passion, eradicate negative elements and build strength to overpower the existence of enemies if any. Red corals help in enticing positivity and assist people in dealing with their depression. Similarly, like the natives of Aries, the natives of Scorpio, suffering from 'manglik' dosh should wear Red Corals to lessen the effects of critical conditions.

Yellow Sapphire for the Sagittarius (Dhanu):

Considered as one of the most auspicious gem amongst all the 9 gemstones, Yellow Sapphire, or 'Pukhraj' stone, or Push Raja (Sanskrit), the stone claims to fall under the purview of the planet Jupiter. The yellow Sapphire is believed to serve greater benefits to women wearer who are Sagittarius ascendants. It adds prosperity to their married life, makes them disciplined. It makes the individual take refined decisions and builds a stronger spiritual connection for them. 

Blue Sapphire for the Capricorn (Makar):

Ruled by the planet Saturn, the gemstone for the sun-sign Capricorn is the Blue Sapphire, or 'Neelam' stone. Unlike other gems, Capricorns are fortunate to have an advantage of wearing their gemstone any time, throughout their life. This gemstone is known for being the fastest as well as the strongest acting gemstone. It helps the individual in attracting a good fortune, health prosperity, and a good luck. In addition, it has healing powers to assist in curing diseases like asthma and other heart, liver diseases. It is contemplated to be an extensive powerful stone being in the planet of Saturn and is likely to bring drastic changes in the life of the wearer.

Blue Sapphire for the Aquarius (Kumbha):

For the sun-sign Aquarius, Saturn is the ruling planet. The ascendants of Aquarius can wear Blue Sapphire, or 'Neelam' stone, to acquire the pleasing impact and affluence of happiness and success. It is believed to shower a fortune of good health, long life and a way to follow the desired dreams or passion. Moreover, Blue Sapphire is considered to reinforce better effects if teamed up with wearing diamond, the gem stone of Venus. The individual can also benefit in terms of enhancement in fertility in barren woman, curing fainting, mental disorder and even baldness. It restores one's self-esteem, stamina and contributes in the longevity and security of life and companions. 

Yellow Sapphire for the Pisces (Meena):

The sun-sign Pisces is ruled by the planet Jupiter and the auspicious gemstone is a Yellow Sapphire, or 'Pukhraj' stone. The individuals in whose charts, the placement of Jupiter is in 1st, 5th, 9th or 10th house can wear the gemstone for life. Whereas, the ones positioned in 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 7th house can wear the Yellow Sapphire on consulting the time frame by an astrologer. This gemstone symbolises wisdom and fortune. Wearing the Yellow Sapphire assures increased concentration, clarity, focus and ability to make better decisions. The planet Jupiter has its impact on situations of marriages and marital bliss; wearing it helps in overcoming the scenario of finding a suitable match. It is also known to be a 'feel good' gemstone. 

*Disclaimer: The healing properties of the gemstone described here have been compiled from various sources. Some of them are legends and lore surrounding these stones' mystical and healing properties. Many of them are traditional uses of this gemstone. No claims have been made about the suitability of this stone for healing or for curing diseases.  You may consult a qualified professional to ascertain which gemstone is suited for you. Under no circumstances, Eves24 will be liable.

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