Bridal Benefit


The Bride’s Dilemma

A Bride wishes to look her best on the wedding day, after all she is the most sought after and photographed person creating lifelong memories. She needs the best of chokers and heavy necklace sets, however, after the event, these Jewellery pieces rest in the bank lockers and are rarely worn.

Whereas, post wedding, the bride is required to socialise a lot more with friends and relatives. That’s when she needs lighter (low to mid value) Jewellery pieces.

Eves24’s Bridal Benefit Scheme

With Eves24’s Bridal Benefit offer, you can buy heavy Jewellery for the wedding day from Eves24. But, after the event, you can opt for a 100% exchange (including labour charges) and take back lighter regular wear Jewellery, worth the same amount.

This enables you to be a Super Bride not just on your wedding day but post that too, at zero additional cost.

Benefits of the Bridal Benefit Scheme

How to Enjoy the Bridal Benefit Scheme?

It’s not just this. Also, explore the world of Eves24’s Jewel Library at

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