Gifting, Jewellery and You


When you really care for someone, wanting to tell them how you feel can be tricky.  As a matter of fact, giving a gift is a universal way to show interest, appreciation, and gratitude and strengthen bonds with others. Accompanying a gift with an expression of ‘I Love You’ always make things go your way.

The Psychology behind Gift-Giving

It’s rightly said, “Who is on your gift list is telling you who is important in your life.” What matters is that you try to make the shift from your own mindset to someone else’s.  However, the attitude of men and women on gifting usually differs. Men preferably have a blunt and practical approach instead of an emotional one which women perceive gifting as. But prominently, above all these aspects, the highlight still lies with an unconventional joy that giving brings to one.

The takeaway-
  • Giving provides a more self-fulfilling experience that lasts for a long period of time
  • Giver receives biggest psychological gains than the recipient
  • By gifting you feel a deep sense of satisfaction
  • It positively engraves stronger connect with the recipient
  • You may live longer (Literally)
  • Adds to your emotional happiness
  • It builds a stronger affection
  • Your heart will thank you

Popular Gifting Options You Should Know About

... Because people are tough to shop for so we’ll take a little pressure (off you) and bring you the most preferred gifts you can opt for.
  • Fragrances:
If you were wondering that the list would have chocolates and flowers, we all actually know that these options are no more the first choice. Perfumes and deodorants are definitely perfect for any given occasion and can bring freshness to the mood.
  • Customised frames:
It may sound extremely cliché but customised photo frames do make an impression of importance and personal touch to the receiver. They have a sense of connecting emotions and memories to happiness.
  • Gift cards:
Most of the time we struggle finding out what the other person likes and usually, some people are difficult to anticipate in terms of their choice. This makes gift cards a suitable choice. Letting spend the gift card to his/her choice is a great idea to continue with.
  • Electronics:
With the constant advancement in technology, one can see numerous interesting gadgets to have a hand on. Gifting an electronic item in today’s time is sure to earn you some brownie points.
  • Jewellery:
Last but certainly not the least! We were saving the best for the last. Out of all the above options, Jewellery stands firm as the top gifted and preferred item! Be it men or women, a piece of jewellery can make you stand out and add to your confidence. A gift of jewellery has and always will be considered a class apart in value as well as affection!

Why Jewellery Makes a Perfect Gift for Women

  • Everlasting Impressions:
A piece of jewellery can never be frivolous. Its value remains as intact as the love with which it was gifted. The value is priceless and can’t be labelled with a price tag at all. It makes her feel connected like memories from the past that will always be cherished.
  • Smart Investment:
Comparing of buying equity to jewellery are surprisingly similar in terms of what they offer. The former yields you monetary returns and the latter, an emotional one. This does count as one perfect deal to crack.
  • Makes her feel special:
The kind of effort you take to buy her that pretty piece of jewellery will always pay you off well. You will be a millionaire with the love and warmth that reciprocates through her teary eyes and a warm hug. And you can feel the same on acknowledging your relationships with all the pretty ladies in your life- your mother, sister, spouse, and wife.
  • Expresses your feelings:
Your lady would be a kind of person who understands your little gestures, but treating her like a queen is a reason enough to surprise her with things she like. You can never go wrong with jewellery! The purity of love can easily be conveyed through diamonds that strongly embarks your feelings.
  • Enables personalization:
From a huge variety to choose from, one can never run out of jewellery options. With newer trends, customization has become easily accessible. You can personalize your jewellery to add a lovely touch which she will definitely notice!

Why Women Love Jewellery… From Men

By replacing the tried and trusted arts of communication with texts, tweets and instant messaging, today’s generation of red-blooded males seems to have lost their ability to express through giving more. Well, women love jewellery. Women love getting jewellery from men. Always have…always will.
  • Reminds happy times with him
Women may come across difficult to understand but their love for jewellery is a fact. It is undeniable that if you gift her a jewellery piece she will love and cherish at all times. Every time she adorns it, you and your affection will set her mood to happy. 
  • Ensures your undivided attention
Your initiative to make her feel important through a gift that she desires makes it more special for her. It assures a sense of your undivided attention of her presence in your life. 
  • Make other envious
This is the most and foremost reason that women wish a jewellery from men. You believe it or not, she is going to love it when she proudly flaunts the jewellery gifted by you to her peers. 
  • Adds value to her treasure
Well, frankly there’s no such thing as ‘Too much Jewellery’ for women. Any new piece of jewellery will always fill her treasure with happiness. Gifting jewellery to add to her jewel box will certainly give you a sense of satisfaction. Her response to your love will be a treat for you. Trust us.

Reasons Men Don't Buy Jewellery for Women (But should!)

"She shops her own jewellery. Why should I?"
(Because she wants you to! It's a gift; a present. Girls like to be surprised. They dream about being given meaningful gifts from loved ones and telling their friends it's from you.)

"She never asks for jewelry."
(See #1.)

"She will complain about how much it costs."
(But secretly love it. Acknowledge her and move on. She's going to wear it, isn't she?)

"I have no idea what my wife likes."
(Well! Talk to her best friend or talk to Eves24!)

"Jewellery is pointless. It's unnecessary."
(Something that symbolizes undying love is not pointless!)

"It simply never occurred to me."
(Since you now know, it's never too late!)

"I have no idea where to buy jewellery. How do I know I can trust them?" (See the link and you will know!)

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