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My Name is Arzu, I am a mother, in my late thirties and I have been working in the banking sector for over 10 years

I was introduced to Eves24 by a colleague at the bank, after work on a weekend day we dropped by the store for the first time at Bandra, Mumbai, to see the designs. And I must say I took an instant liking for their diamond jewelry designs, I thought they have a very unique and fresh collection of designs. Especially this one diamond bracelet they had on display, took me aback by its brilliant sparkle. I fell in love with it and so I had asked them to keep it aside for the time being. Even after looking around for a long time, I was still fixated on the brightly lit sparkle of the bracelet I had laid my eyes on from earlier. Since I had wanted a nice delicate diamond bracelet for a while, to wear to work every day. And now I had discovered, this one design, with the sparkling goodness of a genuine diamond.

I wanted to buy it on the same day, since I had the money and immediately gave my husband a call to ask for his opinion.I assured him the diamonds are all IGI certified and we needn't worry about the quality. Certainly he didn’t know what that meant and I had to explain to him that IGI is a reputed international agency that gives you an unbiased estimation of the Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat so you know your diamonds are genuine. Because only the genuine diamond has a splendid spark to it. My husband immediately asked “how much do they cost?” I was waiting for this question. Since I first wanted him to look at the design, I sent him a picture from the store and he called back sounding pleased and said it was “very different”, elegant and sleek looking. I smiled to myself agreeing with him as he spoke and told him I’ll ask at the store about the rate and call him back.

The gentleman at the store then explained that at Eves24 the prices are at least 20% lower than other retail brands and up to 50-60% lower than some of the national brands. When I asked him how this was possible, he went on to explain what goes into the pricing of these diamond jewelry at Eves24, with detailed breakup. I was very impressed with the kind of patience he maintained while explaining. The whole experience they gave us, felt reassuring and nice. After our discussion I picked the bracelet without a second thought! I knew I was making a smart investment and prided myself on this.

Now I am a proud owner of the sleek diamond bracelet with a speculator spark, which I absolutely love and adore. I am very happy, thank you so much EVES24!!!

All about - EVES24

At Eves24, we have the perfect collection of minimalistic designs that are small in size but big on style.
Come visit us at our designer jewellery studio in Bandra (West) or factory outlet in Andheri (East) to check out our collection and help us help you pick the perfect jewellery for work.
Eves24 we promise you the best in quality and designs. All our jewellery is 100% authentic, Hallmark and IGI certified crafted in beautiful designs. We offer a range of 20,000+ designs, so you can always be sure, there is something for you. In the rare case when none of our designs appeal to you, we can always customise & craft an exclusive ornament, just for you.

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