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Hi, my name is Renu, I am a homemaker in my fifties, from Mumbai. We had the first wedding in our family this year, of my elder son Adyant to Mahuva, who is a beautiful Kashmiri girl.

Mahuva from the very beginning was persistent about buying, diamond wedding jewelry from Eves24. She told me "don't worry mom", Eves24 is a trusted brand which is marked for its genuine diamond jewelry that is all IGI certified and Hallmarked Gold.

The bride to be, her mother and I, we were very pleased in fact with our first visit to the store in Bandra. On our visit, we discovered Wedding specific schemes Eves24 offered, called Bridal Benefits. It's very simple, you pick heavy diamond jewelry for the wedding day and reception, from a wide collection. Plus you have the wedding jewelry delivered, at your doorstep a day or two before the event. And here goes, these heavy sets of diamond jewelry can later be exchanged with lighter daily wear jewelry, at the same cost. Bridal Benefit is a single investment, double benefit kind of offer. This is a big advantage Mahuva explained, since heavy wedding jewelry, usually always ends up in the lockers and unused except on very few occasions. What most people forget is important, are that post-wedding pieces of jewelry. It's a status quo, you need to maintain even after the wedding while visiting relatives from all sides. You can opt for post-wedding jewelry on a 100% exchange, over your heavy diamond wedding sets. Of course, we took up the offer! And since then Eves24 has become a part of our lives.

Mahuva now enjoys Eves24 Club Membership, that enables her enjoy a very large collection of jewellery. Now, She has access to the Jewel Library that gives her access to a very large collection of authentic designer jewelry, she doesn't need to buy. The Jewel Library is available on a pay per use basis, for its exquisite designer, wedding wear, festive wear, social wear and party wear jewelry pieces. My daughter in law says, this is especially good since you can now match jewelry with different outfits, that are occasion specific. I too make use of the Club membership to access the Jewel Library on special occasions, for all the compliments I receive. This service doesn’t charge more than 3-4 % of the Jewelry value and is typically for one use. Moreover, the Club Membership came in handy and was very useful when I needed to gift my sisters with, diamond jewelry at the wedding. I was able to gift them beautiful diamond sets, by paying in installments on interest-free EMI.

I really thank Mahuva for introducing me to Eves24. Now I am a big fan!

Eves24 is every woman's dream…

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At Eves24, we have the perfect collection of minimalistic designs that are small in size but big on style.
Come visit us at our designer jewellery studio in Bandra (West) or factory outlet in Andheri (East) to check out our collection and help us help you pick the perfect jewellery for work.
Eves24 we promise you the best in quality and designs. All our jewellery is 100% authentic, Hallmark and IGI certified crafted in beautiful designs. We offer a range of 20,000+ designs, so you can always be sure, there is something for you. In the rare case when none of our designs appeal to you, we can always customise & craft an exclusive ornament, just for you.

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