The Magic called Foundation


By Rashida Kapadia : An Image Makeover Expert

The Magic Called Foundation – How To Get The Perfect Foundation?

Foundation or base as it is commonly called is a must have makeup product in any lady’s vanity kit. Your face is a canvas, and you are the artist who has to paint on it. Will you be able to paint beautifully if the surface of your canvas is uneven, discoloured or patchy? No, you won’t! Because, it will make your painting look blotchy and untidy. The same goes for the makeup.

Most women have uneven skin tone, pigmentation, acne scars and freckles on their face. Using a correct foundation can even out the skin colour and add radiance to the complexion. Most foundations contain sunscreen and moisturizers that actually protect and nourish the skin.

However, you should be careful while choosing the foundation. To choose the correct foundation (the one that matches with your skin tone), apply a small amount on your jawline and rub it in. Wait for a few seconds to let the foundation warm up and mix with your complexion. If there is no visible difference between your skin tone and the patch where the foundation was applied, it’s the perfect shade for you.

Keep in mind these tips and tricks while applying foundation:

        Don’t  use a lighter shade it will make your face look unnaturally white and ghostly. 

        You can use foundation brushes, sponges, wedges or your fingers to apply foundation.

        Remember to use a moisturizer and a primer before applying foundation.

   For oily skin, an oil free or water based liquid foundation is the best. Make sure your foundation has anti-shine properties that absorb excess oil and leave you with a matte complexion.

        For dry skin, use creamy foundations.

The best thing is to look natural, but it takes clever application of makeup to look natural.

About the Author :  

Rashida Kapadia is an expert personal and corporate Image Consultant. She is passionate about mentoring people to help them find their own individual style and through this assist them to simplify their lives ,and give them the confidence to become successful in their professional as well as personal lives. She is committed to the science as well as the craft of showing people how to look great so they can feel great. In 2007, Rashida launched her own company Orchid Complete Makeovers with the simple credo that a powerful image could be  created without having to relinquish personal style or comfort.          

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