True Diamond : Saumya Gupta - Turning disappointment into distinction, fashionably


For your consideration, here’s a story...

A young woman with dreams of touching the sky, loses her way, thanks to the global recession. Having sunk a significant amount of money on her pilot training, she’s quick to be branded a ‘failure’ by all and sundry. She takes up a job in order to contribute to the family’s income.

One night, contemplating her journey, the young woman is disappointed with the place she is currently in. She refuses to make peace with her lot and starts looking for ways and means to better her (and her family’s) lot in life. 

A unique opportunity presents itself in the form of casually retailing fashion, when she purchases a few items of clothing and sells them for a decent margin to friends and acquaintances. Convinced that this is what she wants to do, she exits her job, struggles hard and eventually ends up as the face of her own clothing brand.

Sounds like the story to an inspirational Bollywood film, doesn’t it? 

Meet Saumya Gupta, most people today know her as the jetsetting face of the popular fashion brand ‘Ten on Ten’, but in 2008, when the global recession crippled the economy, Saumya had just sunk close to Rs. 50 lakh into a pilot’s training programme in the States, hoping to become a high flying aviator.

When the global airline crunch hit, she was left stranded, without a job. But the restlessness of a beautiful mind is what spurred her on. She first accepted a job in a call centre and began making a lot less than what she was ‘trained’ for. When one day she was reflecting on her life’s journey, she couldn’t help but break down. But like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the Bombay born and raised youngster, chose to show her mettle and began exploring her options.

In an interview to YourStory, Saumya expounds on her journey, “Luckily, the day I decided to change my field and officially throw a potential Rs. 50 lac career out of the window, my parents said they believed I would still go far and that they wanted to see me happy even if it meant changing my career. Even though they clarified that they may not have the funds to invest in my business, their approval would suffice for now, I thought. So, I started my business with the simple goal of being able to pay bills and rotate the money.”

It began with an exhibition at her home, of export surplus branded garments. Slowly but surely it expanded to more and more such events, and finally to a full fledged e-commerce store which is one of the most successful startup stories, you will ever hear. A true testament of what a restless, untiring desire can achieve! We at Eves24, salute the passion, relentlessness and true grit of Saumya Gupta, a veritable #TrueDiamond, if there ever was one!

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