Jewellery to Boost your Personality at Work


3 Ways Jewellery Can Boost Your Personality at Work

Since time immemorial, the human kind has been a patron of jewellery; hence wearing jewellery comes to us quite naturally. Whether it is going to college or attending weddings and other social parties, women love to deck up in jewellery. But, when it comes to wearing jewellery to work, women often face a dilemma, “Should I or not?”.

Jewellery if worn appropriately, and without much ado, can work wonders for you at work. Let us tell you how.

Enhances Your Image

Just the way a right and smart outfit coupled with a nice pair of footwear reflects your look at the office, an apt piece of jewellery too can lend a character to your professional traits. Jewellery can help you build your very own, distinct brand image and a style statement.

Helps in Self-expression

The jewellery you choose projects a message about you to the world. When worn elegantly, it will make you feel good. And, when you feel good, you will get the much needed confidence before an interview, a meeting or a presentation.

GivesPositive Energy

Gemstones and precious metals have their own significance and are believed to be bestowed withmystical powers. Wearing birthstones improves your aura, regulates your chakras and paves way for success. Similarly, wearing gold or silver jewellery heals your body through pressure points.

Just ensure that your work jewellery is in sync with your office decorum and doesn’t offer distraction in terms of the appearance and sound.

Now if you have already started racking your brains to find the right type of work jewellery, let us make it easier for you. We bring you some subtle, yet impressive pieces from the Eves24 catalogue to add a dash of charm to your office persona.

Maysoon Diamond Earring : This timeless piece in white gold and pear-shape diamonds looks classy and polished, making it an ideal wear for those power meetings. 

Brenton Diamond Pendant : This rectangle shaped pendant in white gold and diamonds is an everyday wear. The small heart inside will make you look cool and young.

Ani Diamond Ring : This chic ring in acompressed setting of 4 marquise shaped diamonds and a rectangular diamond along with a diamond studded band is a great choice if your fingers are resting on the keyboard all day. Seeing this ring during work will surely boost up your spirits.

Jia Diamond Bracelet : This bracelet with a fine design of small diamonds on its band would look charming on your wrist, especially if you are looking for an accessory to team up with a half sleeve shirt, kurti or a blouse.

Hadyn Diamond Pendant :Wear this beautiful pendant in gold and diamonds whenever you want a boost in confidence or want to make a statement.

So, are you now inspired to wear jewellery to your office?

You can explore more work jewellery options under JewelOnline at or call us on +91 84509 97666 to set up an appointment to visit our studio.

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