Solah Shringaar

Solah Shringaar - Bindi


The next essential component of Solah Shringaar is the BindiBindi derives its name from the Sanskrit word Bindu meaning a point.

It’s worn on the forehead between the eyebrows. The place has a special spiritual significance. It’s considered to be the position of Ajna Chakra which represents intellect and intuition - also referred to as the third eye. The place between the eyebrows is also considered to be the exit route of powerful kundalini energy. Bindi is used as a block to this exit – to preserve the kundalini. This logic explains why men too sport a tilak on important occasions. In some cultures men wear a tilak on everyday basis as well.

Just imagine our humble bindi, which most women apply as a routine without giving it much thought, could have so much spiritual and physiological relevance to it. All this wealth of practical information gets me thinking that our forefathers were more advanced than us!

Bindi has become quite a craze even in the western world where many celebrities have sported a Bindi as a fashion accessory. Selena Gomez has worn one in her music video and other performances.

For many Indian women, Bindi has become a piece of decoration as they have forgotten its spiritual significance. I am sure after reading this article many women who have either abandoned wearing a Bindi or who wear it only for special occasions, will now start adorning their foreheads more often.

The next important thing to consider is that if we decide to wear a Bindi then it makes much more sense to understand which shape/ design to wear as markets are flooded with an amazing variety and designs of Bindis. Once again the choice of design has to be as per your face shape.

Ideal Face: Women who are blessed with the ideal face shape will look attractive in all shapes and sizes of bindis, therefore they just need to choose the right one to match their outfit.

Round Face: Bindis that are longer and thinner should be the right choice for women with round face.

Rectangle Face: The bindi should be more rounded in shape.

Square Face: The bindi design should be more rounded with some length as well.

Triangle Face: The bindi design should create a balance between narrow forehead and broader chin.

Inverted Triangle Face: The bindi should not be too big as it brings to focus the broader forehead, but it should fill in the space.

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Hope you have found the content useful. We will be back with more information on the next adornments soon...

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