Solah Shringaar

Solah Shringaar - Sindoor


The next integral part of Solah Shringar is the Sindoor/ Vermillion.

The most important custom of every Hindu wedding is Sindoor Dana, in which the groom puts Sindoor (red vermillion powder) in his bride’s partition thus symbolising her marital status. In some communities, it is applied by the groom’s mother to welcome the bride in their family. This ritual has a lot of traditional significance.

It’s been an age-old practice and there is evidence of it from the Harappan excavations as well. As per the Hindu customs, a woman has to adorn Sindoor till the time her husband is alive.

·         It is believed that Goddess Parvati protects the husbands of all married women who apply sindoor.
·         Application of sindoor is also considered to be auspicious as it brings good fortune.
·         Red colour symbolizes power, hence it is believed that this powder activates chakras in the forehead and on the crown. It thus bestows prosperity and good health on the couple as it attracts cosmic and pranic energy.

That is the significance and power of ek chutki Sindoor!

Aesthetically Sindoor can be put as a long line in the partition of the hair. For women who do not prefer that, it could be just a dot at the hairline.

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