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Solah Shringaar - Nath


Hope you enjoyed reading the previous article on Maang tikas. In this edition, we bring to you more insights of Solah Shringar.

Let’s begin with the Nath, the accessory worn on the nose. It is known by different names as nathni, koka, laung or mukkuthi in different parts of India. Sonam Kapoor and Vidya Balan should be given the credit for bringing this accessory back into trend and making it look so fashionable. Both of them sported the nath at the Cannes Film festival and earned quite a few brownie points for their traditional yet glamorous look.

Nose is the prominent part of the face and adds value to the face due to its position. It is impossible to imagine a beautiful face without a nose! Leonardo Da Vinci had once commented that the nose of a person reflects the person’s character. Isn’t that amazing! It, therefore, becomes even more imperative that we choose the right accessory for our nose that accentuates our features and lends it an irresistible charm. 

But before we get to the aesthetic component, let’s first understand the traditional and physiological reasons for wearing a nose pin or a nath.

·         In the earlier days, apart from the parents, only maternal uncle or husband could  gift nose ornaments to a woman; taking a gift of a nose ring from any other person was considered as an act of indiscipline or immorality.

·         Nose piercing was also considered a way of honouring Parvathi, the Goddess of marriage. Even till date, in some societies the nose ring symbolizes the married status of a woman and is never removed once married.

·         Physiologically, as per the Ayurveda, nose is linked with female reproductive organs and thus nose piercing is supposed to make childbirth easier and also helps in reducing the discomfort during menstruation. It is, therefore, advisable to get the nose pierced by an experienced goldsmith, who knows which spot is the safest to pierce without disturbing any nerves.

·         It is also believed that it is very difficult to bring into control, hypnotize or mesmerize a woman who wears a nose ring. Well, the nose ring just entered the women’s list of safety gear!

It is the left nostril that is recommended for piercing and gold is the metal to be worn on the nose. Silver is to be avoided as it is said to cause irritations, delay in healing and oxidation inside the wound causing allergic reactions. It might even leave a permanent black mark on the nose.

All the women who till date have never worn a nath, I’m sure are now quite tempted to wear it. But before you make this new purchase, let us get an insight into what designs to choose as per your face shape.

Oblong face: The nose pin design can be more rounded to add width to the face.

Round Face: The nose ring should be longer to give the illusion of length to the face.

Inverted Triangle Face: The nose pin can have an elaborate design to add more width to the narrow chin.

Triangle Face: The nose ring needs to have a certain length as well.

Rectangle Face: The nose pin can have a more rounded design to break the angularity of the face.

Square Face: The design needs to be long along with some roundness.

Women with longer faces can also wear nose accessories with chains. The more elaborate styles are usually reserved for special occasions where you really want to make a statement, but primarily they are worn by the bride to make her stand out in the crowd.

But, how would you know if you have a long, round or a square face? Click here  to know your face shape.

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