Solah Shringaar Bangles


In this edition we will discuss some more adornments that comprise the ‘Solah Shringaar’.

Solah shringaar of a woman is incomplete without bangles or kangan. Bangles as an accessory are extremely popular and look wonderful on the wrists of girls of all ages. They add irresistible brightness and charm to the wearer and are available in a splendid variety of designs and colours.

For a bride, besides adding beauty to the wrist, they uphold a greater significance. They are symbolic of long life of the husband and good fortune and prosperity; hence an absolute must on the wrist of a newlywed. Bangles are, thus, not just an accessory, but also a part of her identity.

So rich and diverse are our country’s tradition and beliefs that every community has a different take on the kind of bangles worn by a girl on her wedding.
  • In Punjab, brides wear what is called ‘chooda’, a set of ivory and red bangles with fancy designs, gifted to the bride by her maternal uncle. This chooda is customarily worn for a minimum period of 40 days to a maximum up to a year depending on the family custom.   
  • In Rajasthan and Gujarat too, brides wear chooda. In a ceremony called mameru, the bride’s maternal uncle gives her chooda along with a bridal silk saree with red border.
  • In Maharashtra, the bridal chooda is significantly different. The brides wear green glass bangles in odd numbers. Green signifies creativity, new life and fertility. They wear these along with solid gold bangles called patlya and carved kadas called todeThe groom’s family usually gifts the gold bangles.
  • In the Southern states, gold is considered extremely auspicious. The bride wears gold bangles along with green glass ones.
  • In Bengal, a new bride wears a conch shell bangle and a red coral bangle, which are locally called shakha and pola. Apart from this, the mother-in-law gifts her daughter-in-law a gold-plated iron bangle the moment she enters her new household.

There are physiological benefits of wearing a bangle too! It is believed that bangles help regularizes the blood circulation in the body. Also, the electro-magnetic energy trying to pass out through the outer skin is again reverted to one’s own body because of the round shape of the bangle that does not allow the energy to pass out. It is also believed that the sound generated by clinking of bangles wards off the negative energies. It is for this reason that plastic bangles are not recommended.

Breaking of the glass or lac bangles is considered inauspicious. The reason could be that a broken bangle produces distressing vibrations causing loss of positive energy.

Bangles are available in a variety of colours, with each colour carrying a special significance.

Red signifies energy and prosperity, while green denotes good luck and fertility. Yellow bangles are meant for happiness, white is for new beginnings and orange is for success. Silver bangles denote strength and gold bangles are the ultimate symbol of fortune and prosperity.

In short, bangles can help every woman stand out and create a mark of her own. So ladies what are we waiting for!

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