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A ring is a symbol of eternity, signifying never ending immortal love and the hole in the centre of the ring signifies a gateway to things and events both known and unknown.
In most western cultures, a ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because it is the only finger that has a nerve connecting it with the heart.

Historically, the first exchange of wedding rings happened in ancient Egypt, about 4800 years ago. Reeds were twisted and braided into rings for fingers. This was soon substituted with other materials such as leather, bone or ivory. And it has now become a demonstration of the wealth of the giver and also reflects the love shown to the receiver. That is why Asin’s 6 Crore ring made news!

Well, this is about the wedding/engagement rings, but rings can be worn by unmarried girls as well, on any finger. For people who strongly believe in astrology and palmistry, the stones in the rings and the finger on which it should be worn carry significance.

The Thumbs in both hands are connected to the brain neurons/nerves that are linked to the sexual organs. Any metallic friction in the body kindles specific brain neurons, hence it is advised not to wear any ornaments in the thumb.

According to Palmistry, the forefinger also called the index finger, is identified with the planet Jupiter. This finger's nerves are connected to the learning capacitor neurons in the brain. If in one's horoscope Jupiter is ill placed then astrologers advise the person to wear a gold ring on index finger, preferably with Yellow Sapphire stone.

Next is the middle finger. Generally, not many people wear a ring on the middle finger because it has a nerve passing through the brain divider line and any metallic friction in this finger results in a lot of mental confusion regarding decisions. In palmistry, this finger is identified with the planet Saturn. In some exceptions, people wear a ring with a Blue Sapphire stone on this finger.

The next is the ring finger and is identified with the Sun. Most of the people wear a ring on this finger, as any metallic friction caused in this finger is very good for one’s health. It is also believed to enhance one’s ability to handle life with ease and confidence.

The little finger is associated with the planet Mercury. Any friction in this finger can cause disturbance in one's thoughts. People with weak mercury in their horoscope are advised to wear a ring with an Emerald stone on this finger.

As a fashion statement, rings cast a special effect. There is an endless variety to choose from in various styles – the cocktail rings, solitaire rings, stone rings, cluster rings, beaded rings, trinity rings, carved rings, bands, eternity rings and many more. This festive season is the time to add a few to your collection!

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