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Perfume/ Itar: No shringaar is complete without this final act to ensure that you look, feel and smell great on all important occasions of your life.

Coco Chanel had once said, "A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future". That is the impact of one’s scent; it’s like a calling card that establishes the identity of the person. The fragrance that one chooses to wear has to be in sync with one’s personality. Hence choose your perfume wisely.

A few pointers to that’ll make the task of finding the right perfume for you simpler are outlined below:
·         Let the fragrance linger. Always apply the tester to your skin. Spritz it and walk around for a few hours to allow the perfume to open up. This will allow you to choose the fragrance that lasts for maximum time on your skin.
·         The perfume that lasts the longest and smells the most pleasant is the one you should choose.
·      Clearly, one should not buy perfumes in a rush at the duty free shops or departmental stores. Make several trips to the stores and spray on different ones each time till you find the one that speaks of you!

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