Solah Shringaar

Solah Shringaar Kaajal


The next adornment as a part of shringaar is the application of kaajal in the eyes.
Kaajal or kohl can lend extra beauty to the eyes by defining them. It is a makeup essential for the Bharatnatyam dancers, to draw attention to their eye gestures and movements. It is even applied to the eyebrows and eyelids to further enhance the eye.

Egyptian queens and noble men have used kohl even in the BC era. In fact, the word Kohl is an Arabic word and its substitute ‘surma’ is derived from the Persian word sorme.

It was used as a protection against eye ailments. There was also a belief that darkening around the eyes would protect one from the harsh rays of the sun. 

Benefits of applying kaajal are many, provided, it is made of natural ingredients. It is believed to act as a cleanser and coolant for the eyes and also helps lengthen eyelashes. The home made kaajal is used even for infants because it is believed that it protects them from ‘buri nazar’.

Tips to apply kaajal

1.    Start the application of kaajal from the outer corner working inwards. It is to be applied in short strokes and to get a better effect, press it on the waterline.
2.    For women who have watery eyes, kaajal may not stay for very long.; the  best substitute available to them is a gel liner.
3.    For an intense look, dip the kaajal pencil in the gel liner and apply on the waterline.
4.    To prevent smudging, one can apply a bit of black or brown eye shadow just below the waterline covering only 3/4th of the eye.

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