Solah Shringaar Kamarbandh


The next adornment that is equally breathtaking is the kamarbandh or kardhani (waist band). It is also known as sash, patka, phenta, girdle or tagdee.

It is one of the finest and striking embellishments adorned by women and can add a dash of glamour to any outfit; be it a saree, lehenga or even a gown. It has been an integral component of a dancer’s attire expounding the classical Indian dance forms, such as Oddisi, Bharatnatyam, and Kathak.

Physiologically, wearing a waist belt helps in regulating the menstrual periods and provides relief from the menstrual cramps. A silver kardhani is said to control belly fat. This indeed could be one tempting reason for the modern Indian women to switch back to wearing a waist belt.

The waistband is usually made of silver and can be embellished with stones like amethyst, ruby, kundan, Swarovski, polka depending upon one’s preference. In keeping with the evolving trends, kamarbandh can also be paired with ethnic tops worn with pencil-fit jeans. Its wearability is not just restricted to the weddings, but could be an essential accessory in every young girl’s collection to be worn with her A-liners, cocktail dresses and even use them as belt for her trousers.

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