Solah Shringaar Toe Rings


Toe Rings are also known as ‘bichhiya’; worn on the second toes of the feet, they symbolize marriage.

In the Hindu tradition, there are several scientific reasons for wearing toe rings for married women. There is a belief that wearing toe rings presses on certain nerves pertaining to the reproductive system, thus, keeping it healthy and in balance. Wearing it on both feet helps regularize the menstrual cycle in a woman. Some men too wear a ring on the big toe to augment their masculine vigour. The toe rings are made of silver and silver being a good conductor absorbs the polar energies from the earth and passes it on to the body thus, refreshing the whole body system.

Toe rings have become a great fashion accessory, even in western countries.

Working women in urban cities may not be sporting a toe ring nowadays as it is not comfortable with closed shoes that many wear to work. But it can be worn with greater frequency considering the impact it can have on one’s health.

Following points should be kept in mind before you set out to buy a pair for yourself:
  1. Do not buy very tight ones.
  2. Buy a thin toe ring that can bend or flex according to your toe size.
  3. It should have a fine design so that it does not cause injury to your feet.
  4. It should be light in weight.

Go ahead and flaunt your beautiful feet in eye catching bichhiyas! Make it your style statement.

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